Fun with a Card Reader

My mum bought a software+hardware solution for her sewing machine from Pfaff. The software transforms vector images into data which the sewing machine can read. It stitches the image on a piece of fabric. Actually very neat, if it works.

But as always there are problems. I can’t get the card reader to work. It just remains silent. Windows recognizes the new piece of hardware, as well as GNU Linux does. Reading and writing is not possible, because the software shipped with the card reader can’t read from the card (at least that’s what’s the error message says).

Now… we have to call support…

Update: It turned out that the card was defect. How can someone produce b0rked cards? No quality control?

2 thoughts on “Fun with a Card Reader

  1. I, too, have software problems with a Pfaff 2170. The dealer is very nice, but there are areas where the customer needs the service/support of the company itself because the dealer herself has had many problems trying to contact the dealer hotline. AND, when she did, the representative was extremely hostile!!!

    To date, Pfaff has NEVER answered any of my emails. There are no telephone numbers to call either, so we are stuck with trying to figure out how and what to do on our own. In fact, I spend more of my time correcting software problems than actually sewing!

    I originally bought this machine because I knew it would be fun to work with the dealer in her classes. And, it is. But, if I had know what terrible, non-existent customer service Pfaff “provides”, I would have bought another brand.

  2. Thanks for you comment. Looks like we’re not the only one who bought this. I’ll blog about the software. You pay a shitload amount of money for it, but it’s actually worth not two cents. There are so many usability glitches in that program which is unbelievable.

    The cardreader now doesn’t read any cards anymore. I’d be interested what happens now with the customer service…

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