My own stupidity

signEven as an experienced Linux user I sometimes fall into traps which reveals my own stupidity.

I tried to setup my smime configuration today to use it with my mailer. The command involved in it was smime_keys. This command had a little bug. A small workaround was posted on the debian bugs mailinglist:

vsauer@zaphod: ~ > ln -s . "~"
vsauer@zaphod: ~ > l -tr "~"

The workaround just creates a link to your own home directory to fool the smime_keys program (What a stupid hack actually).

What happened now, was the fact, that I stopped fixing the not working smime_keys program, because I had other things todo. I removed the link I created by using the workaround above:

rm -rf ~

Everyone who know how to interprete this command can laugh now 😉 Fortunately I was lucky – phew.

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