Evil has a name: bicycle

While I was sitting in my train back home, I heard the train driver pestering about the bikes, which you’re allowed to bring free in the train:

“Too many bikes in the train. They [the Bahn managers; note from the editor] should introduce a fee for the bikes and the amount of bikes in the train will drop. The bikes are a big problem.”

I do have a better proposal to make: Raise the ticket prizes extraordinary, so that no one can affort taking the train. I’m pretty sure, that this not only solves the bike problem, it  will also solve the issues with the customers 😉 They even demand service for they money – unbelievable.


2 thoughts on “Evil has a name: bicycle

  1. Some days ago I read in the newspapers that the HAVAG plans, that taking your bike within the tram should cost the price of a childs tiket. In other cities it is a common case.

    So I think it wont take long until the Bahn AG demands a fee for taking bikes.

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