GIMP Manual Build Architecture Status

GIMP Help Browser using webkit.

GIMP Help Browser using webkit.

We’re currently in a huge overhaul of the build system the GIMP Manual is using (see my last post).

Ulf D. Ehlert works on a custom Makefile, which can extract the strings, creates automatically pot files, as well as po files and is able to create localized DocBook/XML. He’s still working hard to improve the script. Thanks to publican – it helped to reuse some of the Makefile code the project provides to create pot and po files automatically (I still need to communicate that with the publican folks – sorry guys).

I hope we can merge his changes as soon as possible with a current xml2po branch to test it. Hopefully other developers around will help to improve the Makefile.

We’ve still performance issues. Creating the HTML pages for the translations takes ages, and it will take more when we switch to support gettext.


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