Living in a Distressed Area

“Distressed Area” was the term how Spiegel Online called East Germany in an article (German) today according to the newly published study by the Berlin-Institut (“Europe’s Demographic Future”).

According to the study, the future of Saxony-Anhalt is very dark in terms of it’s population (actually, most of East Europe). The birth-rate will not provide enough children to stop the loss of young people, which are migrating to the west, in the future. A lot of well educated (young) people are leaving the state incl. women. Even parts of Romania look into a better future.

I wouldn’t believe it if I would read the study, but it backs up my own experience. I was born in Dessau and have to say, the city (and most of other cities in Saxony-Anhalt) experience a huge loss of people. The biggest problem according to demographics is the loss of young people.

I really hope, that this loss will turn into a growth on some point, which proves the study wrong.


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