My five tips for walking with the five fingers

I did a 10km walk up the Brocken (1141m high, highest peak in my state) and a 20km walk. I want to share some experiences with the outside world about the five fingers:

  1. Take it easy
    Train your feet to walk barefoot. Don’t start with too long walks. Not only that you hurt your feet, you could also get blisters while walking (vibram five fingers classic).
  2. Wet feet getting colder much faster
    Don’t let them get wet, and your feet are getting colder even faster. They could stay cold.
  3. Sun heats you up
    It’s better to walk in the sun. Your body temperature get’s warmer as well as the feet.
  4. Avoid walking on concrete
    My walks on concrete were awful so far. Maybe it’s a training thing, maybe not. I’d rather avoid it.
  5. Minimum temperature
    If the outside temperature is colder than 9°C, your feet are getting colder much faster which you can’t compensate with warm clothes covering the body. Though the rubber sole isolates very good between the foot and the icy ground.
  6. Hiking
    If you’re up for hiking, be sure you practices enough before. You should be aware that you can cut your feet at sharp things (not from the sole – from the top). Check if not poisonous animals can cause problems (e.g. Australia).

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