svn merge weirdness

I stumbled over a strange svn problem today, while merging the xml2po branch into TRUNK:

svn: Working copy path 'ChangeLog.pre-2-4' does not exist in repository
photo by zen Sutherland on

photo by zen Sutherland on

I found two possible solutions in the net, but none of them seemed to work:

  1. “edit the “.svn/entries” file, and look for an incorrect revision=”0″ attribute, and set it to the correct value.” ( see
  2. “At this point, the only way I found to repair my working copy was to delete the directory containing the problematic file, check it out again […]” (see

I checked the ‘entries’ file, but couldn’t spot a ‘revision’ attribute at all. Solution two wouldn’t work, or I had to wipe out the whole gimp-help-2 module.

What I did now is to remove the files temporary (aprox. 10 files) and try again. I got the merge working afterwards. Although it is cumbersome, because you won’t spot the erroneus file in a dry run.


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