svn merge weirdness

I stumbled over a strange svn problem today, while merging the xml2po branch into TRUNK:

svn: Working copy path 'ChangeLog.pre-2-4' does not exist in repository
photo by zen Sutherland on

photo by zen Sutherland on

I found two possible solutions in the net, but none of them seemed to work:

  1. “edit the “.svn/entries” file, and look for an incorrect revision=”0″ attribute, and set it to the correct value.” ( see
  2. “At this point, the only way I found to repair my working copy was to delete the directory containing the problematic file, check it out again […]” (see

I checked the ‘entries’ file, but couldn’t spot a ‘revision’ attribute at all. Solution two wouldn’t work, or I had to wipe out the whole gimp-help-2 module.

What I did now is to remove the files temporary (aprox. 10 files) and try again. I got the merge working afterwards. Although it is cumbersome, because you won’t spot the erroneus file in a dry run.

GIMP 2.6 is out …

GIMP Help Browser using webkit.

GIMP Help Browser using webkit.

… and the Manual will be next.

The current plan is to release the last tarball of the manual suitable for the GIMP 2.4 release a.s.a.p. It should still be installed by most of the desktops until GIMP 2.6 is provided by the distributions.

We’re currently still working heavily to migrate most of the translations from DocBook/XML to po/gettext. The biggest problem for us is the missing 1:1 mapping between reference language to a translation. We’re trying to minimize the site effects when splitting the translations and using xml2po’s reuse option for a content migration. Ulf D. Ehlert wrote a Python script, which will splitt the reference language from the translation “as good as possible”.

As long this script is ready and we’re able to migrate, we’re up to speed to document GIMP 2.6.

GIMP Tips Dialog

The tips-dialog now provides a link to show more information in the user manual.

The tips-dialog now provides a link to show more information in the user manual. Don't bother - the dialog has already been internationalized and has either only English or only German strings.

Liams Idea made it into GIMP: the tips dialog now provides a link to more information in the user manual which covers the topic displayed as a tip.

I liked the idea providing a button which links to the manual and started hacking. My first attempt used a third button in the dialog. Peter Sikking disagreed with a third button. The buttons become to prominent in the dialog and a link should be displayed. Sven helped in providing useful development information. This feature will be available in the next stable release of GIMP (2.6).

GIMP Manual Build Architecture Status

GIMP Help Browser using webkit.

GIMP Help Browser using webkit.

We’re currently in a huge overhaul of the build system the GIMP Manual is using (see my last post).

Ulf D. Ehlert works on a custom Makefile, which can extract the strings, creates automatically pot files, as well as po files and is able to create localized DocBook/XML. He’s still working hard to improve the script. Thanks to publican – it helped to reuse some of the Makefile code the project provides to create pot and po files automatically (I still need to communicate that with the publican folks – sorry guys).

I hope we can merge his changes as soon as possible with a current xml2po branch to test it. Hopefully other developers around will help to improve the Makefile.

We’ve still performance issues. Creating the HTML pages for the translations takes ages, and it will take more when we switch to support gettext.

GIMP Help Browser Hacking

type-ahead search
It was a long time in the train yesterday and I started to hack on the help browser dialog. I never thought that it can be so much fun. I even got to some point and added type ahead search. Not a big deal for an experienced C programmer, but a feeling of success for myself. I want to finish that feature (needs some work), though a global search feature would be more helpful for the user 🙂 Well, maybe that’s the next thing?