GAH – The stupid online postage stamp

I ordered a paket of shoes from an online shop. Now I want to send them back and the online shop uses an automatic postage stamp provided by DHL.

The yellow fields in the top right corner are buttons which trigger a 'print' on your standard printer.

The yellow fields in the top right corner are buttons which trigger a

You can download a PDF, which can only be opened by Adobe Acrobat or any PDF reader who understands Javascript. What you don’t expect, are Javascript buttons in the upper right corner, which actually start a print job. I mean, you’re looking at a document with a reader, not an application to start print jobs. That’s why the ‘print’ button of the reader application is for. Isn’t it?

So, all of a sudden, I clicked randomly in the PDF to get rid of the stupid ‘Muster’ letters, which make it difficult to see the actual postage stamp. After I closed the reader, I noticed that there happened something. The printer was already printing like hell and the terminal showed me the following debug output:

Auftrags-ID ist milhouse-107 (1 Dateien)
Auftrags-ID ist milhouse-108 (1 Dateien)
Auftrags-ID ist milhouse-109 (1 Dateien)
Auftrags-ID ist milhouse-110 (1 Dateien)
Auftrags-ID ist milhouse-111 (1 Dateien)

My own stupidity

signEven as an experienced Linux user I sometimes fall into traps which reveals my own stupidity.

I tried to setup my smime configuration today to use it with my mailer. The command involved in it was smime_keys. This command had a little bug. A small workaround was posted on the debian bugs mailinglist:

vsauer@zaphod: ~ > ln -s . "~"
vsauer@zaphod: ~ > l -tr "~"

The workaround just creates a link to your own home directory to fool the smime_keys program (What a stupid hack actually).

What happened now, was the fact, that I stopped fixing the not working smime_keys program, because I had other things todo. I removed the link I created by using the workaround above:

rm -rf ~

Everyone who know how to interprete this command can laugh now 😉 Fortunately I was lucky – phew.

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Nonsense Article: Asylum Debunks 10 Gross Food Myths – Asylum

by JD LasicaI stumbled over an article today: Asylum Debunks 10 Gross Food Myths – Asylum | For All Mankind.

Point 5: “Don’t swim for at least a half-hour after eating.” and further:

While your mother led you to believe that digestion diverts blood flow and oxygen from the limbs to the stomach — increasing the likelihood of cramping up and potentially drowning — today’s accredited experts agree that the body holds more than enough oxygen to service both the stomach and the skeletal muscles.

What they’re not telling is: After eating out in a snack bar, you don’t want to do your laps in the swimming-pool. If you do, it can end up in indigestion, cramps or throwing up.

I propose that the authors of this article eat a steak before doing 100m in the swimming pool as fast as they can. I guess they’ll literally think this through 😉

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