Nonsense Article: Asylum Debunks 10 Gross Food Myths – Asylum

by JD LasicaI stumbled over an article today: Asylum Debunks 10 Gross Food Myths – Asylum | For All Mankind.

Point 5: “Don’t swim for at least a half-hour after eating.” and further:

While your mother led you to believe that digestion diverts blood flow and oxygen from the limbs to the stomach — increasing the likelihood of cramping up and potentially drowning — today’s accredited experts agree that the body holds more than enough oxygen to service both the stomach and the skeletal muscles.

What they’re not telling is: After eating out in a snack bar, you don’t want to do your laps in the swimming-pool. If you do, it can end up in indigestion, cramps or throwing up.

I propose that the authors of this article eat a steak before doing 100m in the swimming pool as fast as they can. I guess they’ll literally think this through 😉

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